good night

The final project from my branding class: good night is an organic, 100% grass-fed, non-GMO milk brand made for children and targeted at parents. The visual identity is simple with illustrative features to appeal to children.

01. logo

02. package design

03. web design

research & process

When doing research, I looked to other packaging; I wanted something that was simple, friendly, and illustrative in order to be more appealing to a younger audience.

These are a few initial logo drafts with two potential brand names. Originally, I’d been interested in using “Good Naite”, which contained a reference to “nai”—the Chinese word for milk—and incorporating more Asian influences, but in the end I decided that the Asian influences were not a significant portion of the concept I was creating and dropped it.

The logomark was drawn in Photoshop with a tablet and then image traced in Illustrator.